Search Engine Optimisation

With the growth of the world wide web and the competition for that elusive top spot, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Submission (SES) have become a major player. SEO is the optimisation of your website to gain the best place in the search engine results (primarily aimed at google). SEO however does not just stop at the optimisation of your site. It also includes a large amount of work offsite to raise awareness of your site and in turn add 'weight' to your web visibility.

Often described as a dark art, SEO has changed greatly over the last year, with a lot of previous techniques, that were frowned on by the like of google now actually having a negative effect on your position.

Beware, of rogue companies that say they can tell you your google rank (as this is a lie), and that they can instantly get you to the top of google. SEO is a somewhat delicate procedure and has a number of complex influencing factors, and growth is most effective when allowed to mature naturally with the aid and attention of a SEO expert.

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